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Saturday, October 6, 2007

you trust your insight

September 25th i saw Bat For Lashes at Bowery. it was a great sounding show. they're an all girl band. it's pretty much all about the lead singer, Natasha Khan. i think i read somewhere that she used to be an elementary school teacher in the UK. i thought about that while i was watching the show stand-leaning over the plastic barrier covering the soundboard pit in the balcony. i'm pretty sure i love every song on the album and the band sounded just as good live. the tracks eerily sounded exactly as they do on the album (which is a bit unusual, i think.) anyway, a lot of male bloggers are panning them....such dicks. they don't get it. i would kill to be in a band like that. is it music made by girls for girls only? i want to see NK on the cover of Bust then. no, fuck that, i want to see her on the cover of my magazine.

October 1st i saw Animal Collective at Webster Hall. i've never really gotten into them before, but this last album as a whole really made an impression on me. also, having Vampire Weekend as an opener sealed the deal (even though i didn't check out Okkervil River a few nights before cos Webster Hall is a shitastic venue for sound and reasonably priced drinks.) maybe if O.R. had a better opener, i would've gone. it heard it was a great show too. anyway, i really enjoyed Vampire Weekend but after awhile their songs sounded exactly the same. Animal Collective sounded good and the main singer guy had a lot of energy and passion, but after an hour into their set i got tired of standing. i craved lemonade and fresh air. something else i dislike about that venue is how stagnant the air is. smells like despair and fog machine smoke. when i got outside, no one was around except some people milling about at the VIP entrance/exit. when i passed by i glanced at a lot of familiar faces....mostly Brooklyn bands like Grizzly Bear and whatnot. BKLYN bands hooking each other up.

man, i gave no insight whatsoever to their performances other than a "good" and an "enjoyed." here's David Byrne writing something a lot better than what you just read--picture him typing.

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