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Thursday, October 11, 2007

if i don't find it this time

last night i went to see PJ Harvey at The Beacon Theatre. it was perfect. just her and 2 beautiful guitars and a piano and keyboard and beatbox thing and cymbals and some echoy and grungey distortion pedals. wow, hearing her voice live! there is nothing like it. and she had these really cool sexy black strappy high heels and that dress from the White Chalk album cover. but the dress now has words and things stitched/sewn on it a bit, and what looked like spray paint. i could make out the words, "like" and "grow" and maybe some numbers near her neck? her in-between songs banter was good too, not too much and not corny, but just enough to seem polite and happy and witty with still remaining mysterious. i was so glad she played My Beautiful Leah. a week ago i listened to that song thinking, this is one song i bet i'll never hear her play live cos it'd be too hard to recreate. she did and it was so fucking good, better even. i never knew PJ Harvey was such an amazing performer as this. the time flew by, you'd get lost in every song, watching her, listening.....and the audience really wanted a second encore. everything seemed flawless and i was even able to block out the psycho yelling fans.

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