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Monday, June 23, 2008

forgot to list some shows i've been to recently:

saw Fleet Foxes open up for this very terrible band, Blitzen Trapper, at Bowery on March 29th. most of the crowd wasn't there to see Fleet Foxes so there were a lot of rude talking-the-whole-time people to deal with, unfortunately. still, they put on a great show even though the lead vocalist (the one who sits down most of the time) had the flu. i missed their opener, Ola Podrida, again, unfortunately.

saw Love is All headline Bowery back on June 16th. they were really cool and sounded great. they played 3 new songs off their new album that still hasn't been released yet. i really loved the new songs.

here is a snippet of one that i recorded at the show:

also, Versus reunited and opened for them. absolutely loved their set. they remind me so much of the early 90s and The Pixies. i missed the Crystal Stilts that performed before them, heard they put on a good show that night too.

saw Shearwater a few days later at MHoW on the 19th. Frog Eyes opened for them. both shows were really good. i bought a tshirt from each band and the last Shearwater 7" they had. i missed the first opener, Evangelicals. that seems to be a running theme with me lately, missing the first band of three that play a show. i need to get on this and get to shows earlier.

a bit of Shearwater:

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