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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

last night i went to see Final Fantasy and Beirut at Bowery Ballroom. the concert was sold out but i found a nice girl to sell me a ticket on CL. the show was so good. i got there early to get a prime viewing spot in the balcony. at one point during the encore there were 22 people on stage. i came close to taking pictures, but i was too wrapped up in enjoying it. i bought a FF 7"...cos i need a souvenir of the night. during Owen Pallett's set i was struck with an idea. one that combines art and music. one that will be so great and unique in the beginning, but could easily turn shitty due to greed and capitalism. anyway, the show was so amazing. it's my third time to see FF and first (and not last) of Beirut. AND i got this great idea that is now driving me to do something more in NYC than taking bad jobs in stuffy offices.

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